Meg Lionel Murphy

These paintings exist in a dream world where the womxn are so big, such giantesses, nothing can hurt them anymore.


They eat, and they eat, and they eat. 


They grow, and they grow, and they grow.

I imagine them this way: One girl’s hunger stirs the other’s appetite. The more one eats, the more the other craves. So they eat, and eat, and eat. Lips crashing up and down like violent waves, tearing through hangers, sofas, sunglasses, lipstick, platform heels, trucks, teakettles, bike chains, flower petals, throw pillows, tractors, diamond rings, lightbulbs, glowing screens, power cords, jean jackets, and flesh.


Left: Eat // Right: Sleep

Left: Enough  //  Middle: Mine  //  Right: Salvation

Left: Lion! /// Center: Tiger! /// Right: Bear!

Left: Boom. Boom.  //  Middle:Play Nice //  Right: Wake Up

Left: Oh My  //  Right: Protect Her

Left: Grow /// Center: Treat Me Like The Animal I Am /// Right: Mine

From Left to Right:
Protect Me // Just one More // Work Life Balance // Up, Up // Bathtub Mary // Grow Up // I'm Home // Lake Michigan

Commissions for Maxwell Bar In Portland's Old Town


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